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Adventure Sports Around Kullu Manali

Adventure Activities Around Kullu & Manali 

Manali is one of the most visited tourist destination of Himachal. In Kullu- Manali you can enjoy many adventure sports activities that makes your manali trip more adventures and memorable. 

First take a look of popular adventure activities spot around Kullu & Manali. 

1). Solang Valley : Solang Valley is located at a distance of just 15 Km from Main Manali town. You can take bus or taxi to reach Solang Valley. Solang valley is also know as the Land Of Adventure Activities In Manali. Here you can enjoy many adventure activities from Paragliding to Rope Way Ride. 

2). Dobhi : The places is located between kullu & manali, best known for Paragliding ride. The places is become very popular with in 2-3 days and here you can enjoy the paragliding ride from 5 min to 25 min. 

3). Raison : Raison is one of the oldest river rafting point in kullu manali located just 1 kms from Dobhi here you can enjoy the rafting ride from 5-7 kms 

4). Babeli : Located near kullu, The most popular rafting spot in Kullu Manali and also in Himachal. Here you can enjoy rafting ride from 7- 10 kms. With in next one year the tourism of Kullu Manali & Himachal are organizing a championship for river rafting for the growth of adventure sports in Kullu Manali. 

Apart from this, many other sport are available in kullu Manali for adventure sports.

Now check the below list & find all the details for adventure sport around manali. 

1). Water Sports/ River Rafting