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What is Rohtang Pass and Life beyond Rohtang Pass

What is Rohtang pass & Life Beyond Rohtang Pass

Overview of Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass the gateway of world heritage and lahul spiti valley. The real name of rohtang pass is Rohtang -La.(In Ladaki Language Rohtang pass is know as the Bhoti which means pile of corpses) The beautiful place is located just 52 kms from manali at the elevation of 3978m above from the sea level.

Rohtang pass one of the most visited and tourister favorite place to visit in manali. Every tourist who visit manali they definatly visit rohtang to see the panorama view of mountains and compete there tour.

Rohtang pass will open only for 6 month from  mid of May month to Mid of Nov month. In Summer rohtang pass is best option where you can find snow even in May -June month and enjoy the snow adventure activities at top of the mountains.

Life Beyond Rohtang Pass:

The Rohtang pass divide two valley naturalley with two different culture, Primarily in Kullu valley poeple follow the Hindu Culture and beyond rohtang people follow the buddhist culture. Life Beyond Rohtang is totally different. The Spiti valley is open only for 6 month and second 6 month the place is fully covered with heavy snow. The valley has no connection with other world after November month till April month.

So If you are planing a trip to Rohtang pass and beyond rohtang pass just read some of the importent information and process your journey to rohtang pass. 

How to plan your journey for rohtang pass.

How you should plan your journey to rohtang pass. First you have to select a day when you wants to visit rohtang pass because the place  is close on every tuesday for  maintainace of road to rohtang pass.

Now the most important part of rohtang pass tour is that you have to apply for rohtang pass permit with out the permission you can not visit rohtang pass. You can apply online on official website or visit SDM office in Manali. You can apply for the permit 6 days before your journey

After you have successfully get the rohtang pass permit then visit rohtang pass. First reach manali and process your journey further to Manali- Leh Highway. On the way you can cover many beautiful place where you can see the real nature beauty. At last you will reach Gulaba the berrier point where you have to show your permit and they will approve it and you can visit to beautiful rohtang pass. After you reach there you can see the mesmerizing view of snow covered mountains and enjoy the snow activities in rohtang pass.

This is the basic overview how you can plan your tour and visit rohtang pass. Now belwo are the rest details that you should know before rohtang pass tour 

How to apply for rohtang pass permit

After the perfect plan how you can apply for rohtang pass permit and whats the process that you can follow for rohtang pass permit.

First thing first if you wants to visit rohtang pass via your own vehicle then you can apply for rohtang pass permit 6 days before your journey via official website

Note: The official website is open in morning 10 AM and in evening 4 PM

First visit official website of rohtang pass permit(https://rohtangpermits.nic.in/)

After visit official website select first option (Rohtang Pass Permit : Permit To Visit Rohtang Pass For Tourism Purpose). After click the new page will open where you can see all the details related to rohtang pass permit and how many vehicle are allow to visit there. Then (Click To Proceed for Online Payment of Taxes/Fees)

Now the new window will open where you have to fill all the details that are required in order to apply for rohtang pass permit .At last you have to pay the permit cost 550 and you will get your permit to visit rohtang pass.

Things to carry for rohtang pass tour

Before going to rohtang pass you have to carry some importent things so you will not face any issue during your trip to rohtang pass.

. Take warm cloths with you while going Rohtang pass

. You can rent the shoes and warm cloths in shop on the way.

. Valid permit with printed paper.

. If you have some eye problems take sun glasses with you.

. The last petrol Pump is just 2 kms from manali

. Add feul in your vehicle in last petrol pump

. Take camera with you can click the amamzing picture of rohtang pass

. Take water bottles with you

. Pack the food with you beacuse there is no place to eat in rohtang pass but you can eat before 20 kms in Marhi.

. Take some medicine you will not find any medican store in rohtang

. Also add spare tyre with you if you are going via own vehicle.

Important tips and information for rohtang pass

. If you have some health issue like breathing problem don't spend full day in rohtang pass.

. Visit Rohtang Pass early in the morning so that you can see the amazing view of rohtang pass with sunrise. 

. Best time to visit rohtang pass June - July month in summer

. Must cover places like Rahla water fall, Marhi, Kothi & Gulaba.

Hotel , Stay option between manali to rohtang pass road.

. There are only few hotels in Manali Rohtang Pass road when you star your journey from manali to rohtang pass till 15-20 kms you can find hotels where you can stay. Some of the best places and location where you can stay are near solang valley, palchan, Burwa and Gulaba , Kothi areas.

Place to eat between manali to rohtang pass road.

.When you start your journey from manali to rohtang pass there only few places where you can eat your breakfast or launch. When you cross the Gulaba Barrier point then the only place where you can eat the food is Marhi. The place is located just 20 kms before Rohtang pass and here you can eat the food.

. Some of the best food you can eat there…..

. The most popular food you can eat there is Chinese food like Mo- Mo, Chowmin, Maggi etc

. You can eat the Coffee and tea at middle of the mountains.

Lets get start your rohtang pass tour from manali.

 Now you have all the details that you need before going to Rohtang Pass. If you are going with your own vehicle then just follow the route mention below from Manali To Rohtang. Or from Delhi to Manali- Rohtang Pass.

Manali To Rohtang Pass Route:

Manali – Palchan- Kothi- Gulaba- Marhi, Rahla Water Fall – Rohtang Pass. Follow the same when you return and also cover the solang valley and Nehru Kund and at last back to Manali.

Note : Rohtang pass tour from Delhi/ Chandigarh

Delhi- Chandigarh- Kharar- NH21- Swargarh-Bilaspur-Sunder Nagger- Mandi- Kullu- Manali- Palchan- Kothi- Gulaba- Marhi, Rahla Water Fall – Rohtang Pass.

So this is your basic tour route you must follow to reach rohtang pass.

Start your journey from manali to rohtang pass and must the last petrol pump is just 2 kms from manali to rohtang pass road. After 12 kms you will reach at palchan from where you have two road option is is for solang valley and second is for rohtang pass. We suggest you first visit rohtang pass and when you get back to manali then cover solang valley also. After palchan you will reach Kothi the best place for nature lovers. You can see the most beautiful valley and mountains view that makes your feel more special.

Then the next point is Gulaba the barrier point where you have to show your permit and they will check the details and then you can process your further journey to rohtang pass.

After cover Gulaba your next point is Marhi where you can eat the food and eat coffee just 20 kms before rohtang pass. Where you can see the basic view of Beas river from the main source called Beas Kund. Eat your food there and process your journey to Rohtang pass.

At last you will reach rohtang pass. First just feel the nature from top of the mountains you can see the lush green valley, snow covered area’s and mountains and the most important view of Spiti Valley and the Raja Ghepan (Spiti Valley God )Mountain Peaks.

In Rohtang pass you have option to enjoy in snow and take picture and capture all the beautiful moments in your camera.

Things you can do in rohtang pass

 Rohtang pass is one of the most popular snow point in manali and in rohtang pass you can do many snow activities that makes your tour special and memorable.

Ice Skatting



 Snow scooter ride

Tyre drop in snow

Enjoy in snow

Take picture and capture the moments

See the best view of Kullu valley & Spiti Valley

Ride on Himalayan Yak

And much more other things.

What is beyond rohtang pass and what you can do there.

After cover rohtang pass you can visit beyond rohtang and beyond rohtang pass is totally diff as per your expectations. Beyond rohtang pass you have many option where you can visit and see the world heritage sight like ladhak.

Beyond Rohtang pass top place to visit are: Spiti Valley, Keylong, Kaza, Chandertal and Nubra Valley Leh & Ladhak. These are the best places you must cover if you visit beyond rohtang pass.

The popular one is leh ladhak also known as the most expensive holiday destination In Asia. You can visit there on Bike. Bike tour is the best option to discover world heritage place leh ladhak and people also called it The Dream Tour To Leh Ladhak On Bike.


Rohtang Pass the most popular summer holiday destination In Himachal, India. Rohtang pass is located just 52 kms from manali and here you can see the snow in hot summer and enjoy the snow activities as the top of the mountains.

You can hire taxi from manali to reach there or visit via your own vehicle you just need one permit to visit and you can apply it online on official website.

To visit rohtang pass just follow this simple route: Manali – Palchan- Kothi- Gulaba-Marhi- Rohtang Pass.

When you return back to manali then cover all the beautiful place that comes on the way like Rahla water fall, Gulaba, Kothi, Solang valley and Nehru Kund.

In all these places you can do many adventure sports activities that makes your trip special and memorable.

So what are you looking for just contact us and grab the best deal for your manali tour. If you send your query via official website you will get more discount on manali tour and rohtang pass trip.


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